About us

At Kyoto X, our ethos is grounded in a singular, unwavering purpose: to mitigate climate change. The alarming rates of greenhouse gas emissions not only endanger our planet’s ecosystems but also threaten the very fabric of human society. The urgency of this situation cannot be overstated - every ton of emissions we prevent from entering our atmosphere is a stride towards a more sustainable and habitable world.

Our original vision was anchored in the ambitious domain of carbon removal - an essential venture for reversing the current excess of atmospheric CO2. However, we soon recognized that focusing solely on removal is akin to digging a hole while others attempt to fill it, especially since capturing carbon post-release requires significantly more effort than preventing its emission. Thus, we shifted our perspective to integrate emission sources with capture technologies. Combining advanced carbon sequestration through photosynthesis with efficient and useful storage in nature-based products emerged as the winning formula. Preventing the decay and subsequent re-release of carbon dioxide from biomass not only avoids emissions but also stores carbon.

This revelation has transformed our mission. Kyoto X now champions the production of renewable products that store carbon during their lifespan and provide value beyond mere carbon removal. We focus on avoiding emissions by preventing the decay and re-release of carbon dioxide from biomass and by substituting carbon-intensive products. This strategy is key to an immediate and impactful climate response, and it alleviates the burden on future generations and technologies still in development.

Our motivation stems from a clear understanding of the consequences of inaction - rising sea levels, devastating weather events, and irreparable harm to biodiversity. We are no longer just spectators to these calamities; we are contributors, seeking to pivot from potential disaster to proactive prevention.

Kyoto X aims to be the crucible for innovation, transforming ‘crazy ideas’ into tangible, climate-positive ventures. We are committed to fostering a culture of creativity and resilience, encouraging entrepreneurs and inventors to envision and realize solutions that do more than just scratch the surface of climate action. Our role is to facilitate the journey from concept to execution, ensuring that groundbreaking ideas receive the support and recognition they deserve.

In this vein, we advocate for a dual approach: first, to adopt and enhance existing technologies that have a proven track record in cutting emissions; and second, to boldly pioneer new methodologies and interventions that can redefine what is possible in emission reduction.

We see Kyoto X as a beacon, illuminating the path from innovative thought to climate solution. Our initiatives are designed to galvanize change, to invest in and amplify the impact of ventures that share our dedication to this critical cause. The fight against climate change is not just about removing what’s been done; it’s about rewriting the script, forging a future where emissions are not just an inevitability to be managed, but a challenge to be overcome.

In the spirit of this mission, Kyoto X invites collaborators, investors, and environmental pioneers to join us. Together, we can turn the tide on emissions and champion a legacy of environmental stewardship. Our planet’s future depends on our ability to envision and enact a world where emissions are drastically reduced—and with collective will and ingenuity, we believe this future is within our grasp.