Kyoto X in a Nutshell

At Kyoto X, we tackle a crucial environmental challenge by transforming the use of resources in agriculture and construction to combat climate change. We focus on innovating with carbon-negative building materials and leveraging agricultural waste and fiber crops for sustainable development. Our approach not only aims to reduce emissions but also fosters job creation and healthier living environments.

Target Groups and Core Activities:
  • Supporting Manufacturers: We assist existing manufacturers of carbon-negative building materials in scaling their operations. By providing access to carbon financing, we enable them to monetize emission avoidance and carbon storage efforts through our tailored methodologies, MRV system, and Registry.
  • Empowering New Ventures: For those looking to establish manufacturing facilities using agri-waste or agri-fiber, we offer project financing through forward credit sales for emission avoidance and carbon storage. Our support extends to R&D, networking, and collaboration, fostering a community dedicated to sustainable building practices.
  • Connecting Supplier and Buyer: We operate a registry that serves as a procurement and reporting platform for corporations seeking credible, scientifically grounded, and transparent ways to offset emissions. Our platform ensures that emission reductions and carbon storage are tangible and narrative-driven, facilitating meaningful corporate contributions to climate action.
Our Vision and Goals:
  • Eliminating Crop Residue Burning: We are committed to ending the burning of agricultural waste, advocating for its use in sustainable applications.
  • Cultivating a Green Economy: Our goal is to nurture an industry around agricultural residues and fiber crops, making them integral to the construction sector.
  • Increasing Renewable Construction Materials: We strive to significantly boost the use of renewable materials in construction.
Impact Goal:
  • Mitigating Climate Change: By scaling bio-based building material production and transforming agricultural practices, we aim to avert up to 5 gigatons of CO2 equivalent emissions annually, contributing to a 10% reduction in global emissions.

Kyoto X is dedicated to driving substantial change in resource utilization, paving the way for a sustainable and prosperous future. Our mission encompasses a holistic approach to environmental stewardship, combining innovation, financial mechanisms, and collaborative efforts to make a lasting impact.