At Kyoto X, we're building a sustainable future by revolutionizing the use of agricultural waste and renewable resources in building materials. We invite you to join us in this transformative journey. Whether you're a manufacturer, farmer, researcher, community member, or a corporate entity, your contribution is vital.

  • Manufacturers of Renewable Building Materials: We offer carbon financing to enhance the viability and impact of your carbon-negative products.
  • Farmers and Growers: Your agri-waste and excess biomass are valuable resources. Collaborate with us to turn these into sustainable building materials.
  • Researchers and Scientists: Your innovations and discoveries in biomass applications are crucial. Let’s work together to implement your groundbreaking work.
  • Local Communities and Governments: Create local jobs, reduce emissions, and improve the living environments of your community by paving the way for sustainable practices.
  • LCA Experts and Climate Researchers: Your expertise in measuring and understanding emissions is essential in validating and improving our processes and products.
  • Advocates of Non-Permanent Carbon Removal: Join us in championing sustainable, realistic solutions to carbon emissions.
  • OEMs Seeking Sustainable Feedstock: We can provide the resources you need for your sustainable products.
  • Corporates: Offset your emissions by purchasing credits from carbon-negative building material production.
  • Volunteers Worldwide: Help us scout local markets and develop region-specific solutions. Your local knowledge and networking can make a real difference.
  • Carbon Market Experts: Assist us in advocating for the recognition and acceptance of non-permanent carbon storage solutions.
  • Carbon Exchange and Verification Professionals: Your skills in verifying carbon reduction efforts are critical to the integrity and success of our mission.
  • Developers and AI Experts: Join us in creating cutting-edge solutions. Help develop our MRV system and registry, and contribute to an AI that scours scientific research to devise innovative climate solutions. Your skills in technology and AI can significantly advance our mission towards a sustainable future.
  • Investors and Government Entities: Your financial and legislative support can kickstart and sustain our initiatives, making a significant impact on global climate efforts.

At Kyoto X, we believe in a cooperative model where diverse groups unite for a common goal: sustainable, practical climate solutions. Your skills, knowledge, and passion are key to making this vision a reality. Together, we can create a future where environmental responsibility and economic growth go hand in hand.

Get Involved: For more information or to join our movement, please reach out to us at

Join us at Kyoto X – be part of a global effort to reshape the world for the better.